The Company

EL-PHARM was launched in 1989 by Eleftherios Sioutis as a sole proprietorship and with the assistance of the other two shareholders of the company, Stavros Sioutis and Dimitris Karoplesitis transformed into one of the largest domestic pharmaceutical wholesalers of our country in terms of profitability. It has charted a steady, successful and lengthy course in the pharmaceutical field and it is no coincidence that Stat Bank in 2014 awarded El Pharm as one of the 100 healthiest companies in Greece in terms of its dynamics and financial robustness.


El Pharm today fully covers a large network of pharmacies across Greece with medicines, parapharmaceuticals and other items available at pharmacies. With privately-owned facilities of 2.100 sq.m. and a large fleet of 15 cars we serve pioneering 350 collaborating pharmacies on a daily basis. Since its beginning El Pharm has put the pharmacy and pharmacist at the forefront of its operations. The management in close cooperation with the commercial department of the company operates on the basis of direct, flexible, friendly and always integrated service and support of pharmacies. The philosophy that has been adopted since the launch of El Pharm is that “our door is always open to the needs, concerns and opinions of our customers.” From the driver to the president of the company, “we are all together” in the service of pharmacies. This responsibility is assumed by the company to its customers. This duty makes it more different than other major pharmaceutical wholesalers of the industry. Our main priority is your service.